The Dangers of Instant Noodles for Children's Health

With instant noodles, this fast and cheap food is indeed a choice for most people who don't want to be complicated to cook first, and besides the very easy manufacturing process allows anyone to make it even if that person can't cook at all, and the taste is also no doubt so many various kinds of flavor variants have been added so that it adds to the interest and taste of people, so do you think this instant noodle food is safe for continuous consumption.

And after all, instant noodles are fast food that is very popular and has a good taste, and on the other hand you have to stay alert, you make sure not to eat it too often, because most people nowadays have instant noodles as their favorite food or even because they are lazy to cook, and they stock up on a large supply of noodles at home, work, shops and so on.

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And usually people who like to eat flavored food ranging from grilled chicken, soto, geprek chicken, curry, satay, meatballs and others are very popular with many children or teenagers and for example so in demand among students, schoolchildren, college students, boarding house children to parents also like it and for parents it is only natural to monitor the food activities of their children, moreover it is not uncommon for children to eat raw noodles, so you can imagine how dangerous it is.

For those of you yourself who have read or heard a lot of news on social media, websites or news portals about the bad effects of frequent consumption of noodles, it is no longer an excuse, some diseases can arise due to the habit of consuming instant noodles that are not within the limits, you say that instant noodles settle in your stomach. and difficult to digest, this is true, and then what are the consequences of consuming excessive instant noodles, especially for children, to complete your knowledge around the importance of child health and appropriate feeding.

The Dangers of Instant Noodles for Children's Health

1. Risk of Miscarriage

So, if you are a young mother who is pregnant with your baby, make sure you don't eat ready-to-brewed noodles every day or too often, that's why the danger is not only for you but for the baby in your womb, and where the risk of miscarriage will be greater because the spices and preservatives in instant noodles can greatly affect the development of the fetus or other situations, it can cause defects and abnormal births in your baby, so for a wise choice for pregnant women do not eat instant noodles in high levels. too often if you love your baby.

2. Metabolism Disorder

With metabolism in the body or what we usually know as the immune system, it may continue to decrease due to consuming noodle foods too often, so usually you have built your metabolism or body resistance to disease. You have painstakingly made it to protect your body from disease, with this metabolic disorder because instant noodles contain toxic chemicals such as food coloring and preservatives.

3. High in Sodium

Indeed, instant noodles have very high sodium levels, therefore if you eat too much it will cause the sodium in your body to increase, and in the end you will be attacked by diseases such as stroke, kidney damage, hypertension and heart disease. if you avoid eating instant noodles in excess, this is the best choice for you if you don't want to experience a deadly disease as I mentioned.

4. MSG

If you know what is meant by MSG which stands for monosodium glutate then of course you already know it as an ingredient in instant noodles, then this ingredient is used to improve the taste of noodles and in fact 1/2% of the population is allergic to MSG, when people unknowingly have MSD allergies and consume instant noodles are so very dangerous it can cause a burning feeling, heartburn, headache or redness on your face

5. Malnutrition

With a study that was published in a journal called nutrition research and practice in 2011, it was explained that children who often eat diamond noodles will tend and will experience conditions of excess fat and salt while the child is deficient in calcium, protein, iron, vitamins. C and vitamin A, therefore you are more important in the body, and this imbalance is the result of consuming this instant food greedily and without limits.

6. Junk Food

Instant noodles can be considered as junk food and cannot replace nutritious food at all because instant noodles themselves contain lots of carbohydrates but do not contain minerals, fiber and vitamins, so instant noodles also contain a lot of trans fat and saturated fat because they are dense. calories with the danger of instant noodles will have a negative impact on body health if consumed too often in large quantities, so be careful.

7. Damage to Body Organs

Not only does it damage tissue cells, it can cause our brains as described above and this one food also has the potential to damage the organs in your body, and as one of the foods that can be stored for a long time, it can be ascertained that in instant noodles itself There are anti-freeze ingredients that have a role and function to keep the noodles delicious and chewy when brewed, so when the body consumes large amounts it can damage the liver, kidneys, heart and internal organs.

And a little more information on and the causes and effects of consuming instant noodles that are out of control by parents, children and teenagers, so these are practical suggestions and tips for guardians and parents, so you should not get your children used to eating instant noodles continuously. continuously or even as a snack, you should limit it appropriately, you can occasionally eat this brewed food but you must remember the limit, with your heart you should need to eat healthy food and be rich in nutrition, so you should pay attention not to let you eat. himself is a person who likes to eat instant noodles because it will certainly be transmitted to your children.

There are so many negative effects of instant noodles, knowing that you can try to avoid the dangers you don't want and especially for your child who is very susceptible to disease, so you need to remember that our health depends on the nutrition of the food we eat. you eat and if you eat healthy food, of course the results will always be healthy, let's continue to monitor your health and that of your children, don't forget to always eat healthy food regularly, hopefully this information is useful for you. Peace be upon you