Latest Android HP Service Prices

This is where we will share tips on the cost of servicing a cellphone that is exposed to water, with the position of your Android cellphone being dead, for the basis of my experience if you fix a dead cellphone in water or submerged in water, the cost depends on the problem, because if the cellphone dies completely, there are also which is easy and difficult to repair a completely dead cellphone that is submerged in water, if the cellphone is in the water for too long, then it can cause the cellphone to be broken, what's more, you don't have to rush to the service center for repair.

For example, this afternoon your cellphone, entered the water with you and continued to use it as long as your cellphone was still alive, over time your cellphone would definitely turn dead, as a result of water entering your cellphone components, so that your cellphone became short, in the end your cellphone you become completely dead because you enter the water.

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Here I will provide info regarding the service fee for dead cellphones exposed to water, maybe there are several prices depending on the condition of each of your cellphones, hopefully with the price list for Total Dead Cellphone Service Fees hit by water, hopefully it's not wrong, because each counter must be a different person, so I will just give an overview for the cost of repairing a totally dead cellphone that was exposed to water.

Price list of Total Dead HP Service Fees

Price List for Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, and Vivo Hp Service Biysa, all of this, depending on the respective counter, if I put the price for the cellphone service that dies in water, etc., I install it at the price below.

1. Short Hp Gets Water: 75.0000
2. Broken IC POWER: 250.000
3. Short Component : 100.000
4. Short Line / Break Line: 200,000
5. Replace IC LED LCD: 175.000
6. Replace the CPU IC: 400,000
7. Broken/Short Speaker Line: 160,000
8. Replace IC Cas: 120,000
9. Replace IC PA/IC Signal: 2700,000
10. Replace PCB Machine Cost: 500,000

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That's the price list for service fees for dead cellphones exposed to water, it also depends on your cellphone type, for example Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo are different brands and are different for Service Fees too.

If for the cost of servicing the oppo cellphone being hit by water at the price above, it's already appropriate, hopefully it's not too far away, with the service fee that we share with you.

Maybe this is all we can convey to you for the cost of repairing oppo, vivo, samsung and xiaomi cellphones completely dead in water, see you in the next article, see you in the next article, greetings.