Startup Development in Indonesia

So many people are looking for business opportunities. Startup is progressing in 2019, for technology that is more advanced and modern, and for internet access that is getting easier, they also follow Startup business. Do you understand what a startup business is? Maybe there are some businessmen who don't necessarily know about this type of business because the word startup itself is a foreign language, namely English which indicates a form, so a startup business has just been released in Indonesia itself and so many are progressing in business, and so many people have developed. startup entrepreneur.

And for those of you, according to the source of information obtained from Wikipedia, a startup businessman has an understanding which is a start-up company, generally referred to as a startup with another spelling, namely star-up, and for all companies that have not been operating for a long time, then these companies are a new company that is still in the research and development stage to find the right and safe place, then by definition we can conclude that a startup is a business that has just developed in this country of Indonesia, of course you will know that this startup business smells of technology like Web, internet and other related things.

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Real and Growing Startup Business Developments in Indonesia

1. Access Online World Services

In today's modern era, all activities and activities can be done easily, quickly, practically and by using technology today, most people are increasingly lazy to leave the house because without leaving the house, the problem of need has been resolved with a startup business and you too no need to be complicated with how to order anything via online.

So from that situation you can find good startup business ideas. Of course, access to online services will be a necessity for people in Indonesia, you can think of various online access services that you want to try, such as buying electricity tokens, ordering food, paying wifi bills or indihome and many more as the world continues to be modern today.

2. Virtual Reality

There are so many existences, namely Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), this technology has been considered as one of the best examples of innovation made by the Indonesian people, if you have often seen Hollywood films with super sophisticated effects. Now VR and AR This has helped humans to be able to feel the sensation of the digital world which will look as real as the original. Even in the future, the technology from AR and VR will begin to be applied to all of these fields.

As we know right now, games are the biggest industry in utilizing AR and VR and in the future, other fields will also develop these two technologies. by many investors, in the future it is certain that a startup business with AR and VR will have a very bright future for you.

3. As Translator

And for the era of globalization, the world community is required to be united in international languages. Not only for the needs in the world of education but will be wider in other fields such as industry, politics to the economy. Especially since the emergence and implementation of the Asean Economic Community, diplomatic relations between these countries will continue to develop, so that's why translation services are one of the ideas that more Indonesians and translators will need.

4. Children's Environment

For today's children, they have great potential in the world of startup business because along with the development of their era, especially in the current era, and too many parents have accustomed their children to get to know technology and have a job, there are too many examples. videos from online games or games, education, getting to know the world around them and others will be a very big business potential for a startup business by prioritizing the need for the world of children which will be a positive thing for parents.

In fact, it will not only help the child to obtain content on internet media, but startup world of children also has the opportunity to be successful on the part of parents, for example the information needs of parents who take care of their children, especially young parents or old people who have just had their first child such as tips for caring for their children, tips for providing effective child education and an interesting world of children for your children.

5. Girls Magazine

So women are not inferior to the world of children, for today's women are also reported to be one of the startup business ideas that promise a bright business future, they can even see their own development period in the present which continues to grow, and there are too many needs of women. in the internet, of course this is done to get their daily needs which vary from facial, body, beauty care, the latest beauty products, skincare, celebrity gossip, fashion and the latest fashion models, recipes for food or cakes to funny things. like cute cat videos on the internet, there are many examples for women today.

6. Government Service

For startup business ideas that will never go out of style, it is a government service that can't be denied. Indeed, at this time there are many popular affairs, only the times and they are said to be out of date, so people's needs will deal with the government, so people's needs will never go out of style. disappear or run out, even at a time when everything becomes completely digital and practically not all of the state apparatus are sufficient to understand today's technology.

7.  Educated

For times in our lives we need education at all times, and it doesn't depend on old age or young age or children who are still teenagers or adults, so for various technology professions and fields all need teaching media, namely education, even for today's times. We can not only get education at school or college, but we are already in the modern world that uses too much of all activities in an all-digital and practical mode, so you can take advantage of this one startup business idea.

To be educated, it could be around the incorporation of technology that creates special applications where the teacher and students can communicate with each other online anytime and anywhere, actually it is not only conventional science education, the application is also expected to provide non-formal knowledge such as handicrafts. sewing, salons, workshops needed by the wider community, startup business in the field of educational technology like that can be developed for a country so that it can develop like Indonesia.

8. Health consultation

Waiting in the future, maybe doctors in hospitals and health clinics will be replaced by the presence of health consultation applications, even for now we can feel and too many people in modern times prefer to consult with doctors only through online application on your electronic device, then it can never be separated from the habits of so many people who depend on the internet, for example in the UK for example which is estimated at its peak in 2025, the medical online application market will reach up to billions/ trillions.

With the wider Indonesian population, it is clear that this business will gain even higher popularity, so that's the idea of ​​a startup business as a health consultancy that will have great potential in the future, for you to be able to innovate to connect doctors, pharmacists, patients each other online in only one application, and of course this will help for the people of the Indonesian state.